What should I know before buying an electric scooter?

What should I know before buying an electric scooter?

Let’s face it.

We’re having huge problems when commuting to work or school. Our roads are busy with traffic that has made it hard to move from one location to the next. However, electric scooter has come to solve the last mile challenge. Technological advancement in batteries and motors has made an economical choice for public transportation.

Nonetheless, there are numerous companies that manufacture scooters and all claim that they’re superior. The truth is that some of the electric scooters don’t meet the requirement of the best electric scooters for commuting.

Here is a guide that will help you to make the best choice while purchasing a top electric scooter.

Electric Scooter Buying Guide


Electric scooters are moved by motor. An electric scooter for adult should have power of 500 watts and above. Such motor has great speed, acceleration, and is capable to climb slopes on the road. An electric scooter for kids should have power up to 350 watts. There are superior scooters that have over 1,000 watts. Such a motor is efficient in climbing steep slopes and move effectively in off-roads.

Battery Pack

An electric motor is not fuelled on gas or petro. It has a battery that is charged to power the scooter. Our suggestion is that you buy an electric scooter that operates on a lithium-ion battery compared to a lead-acid battery. The lithium-ion battery takes less time to charge and provides better performance.


The design is an essential aspect to consider when buying you’re an electric scooter. There are scooters with seats while others don’t have a seat. Thus, you need to consider whether you want to ride while standing or seating.

Wheels and Suspension

Often, we assume the importance of wheels and suspension in the movement of an electric scooter. However, the wheels are essential to facilitate a smooth movement. A good electric scooter should have a wheel diameter of 10 inches and not lesser. Also, the best wheels are the pneumatic tires as they’re efficient in absorption of shocks.

Frame and Fork Construction

The frame and fork construction is essential. Adult electric scooters should be made of thick steel plates and durable tubular steel. The tubular steel is sturdy and reliable. Thus, they can move comfortably in rough areas.


The function of a scooter dictates its price. Are you looking for an electric scooter for recreational purpose or for daily use? Do you live in areas with steep hills or live in a cosmopolitan place? If you’re looking for a recreational scooter, a $300 dollars is enough. For daily use, a buyer should look for one with advanced features costing about $1000. Those living in areas with steep hills require a more advanced motor that would cost around $1500.

Braking Systems

How effective is the braking system of your scooter? The brakes of an electric scooter are essential when buying it. The brakes help in ensuring you’re safe particularly when faced with an emergency situation. A rider must understand that the scooter is battery-powered and it is vital to ensure it has a well-designed braking structure before starting it. A scooter with two brakes is preferable compared to one with a single brake.

Major Types of Electric Scooter

There are six major types of electric scooters in the market that you need to consider when shopping for one.

1. Electric kick scooters –They’re designed for toddlers and kids. The motor has a compact design and cheap costing less than $150. The scooters have speeds of up to 20 mph.

2. Electric Motorcycles – They’re scooters meant for professional racing. They offer a great riding experience and can reach up to 100 mph.

3. Electric bikes – This are great alternatives for mountain biking and they can converted to regular bikes. They’re ideal for outdoor exercise and riding as they can move up to 25 mph.

4. Electric Mobility Scooters – The scooter have 3 to 4 wheels and are basically made for the disabled people and obese.

5. Electric Tricycle – They’re made for children and people with disability. They look like e-bikes but have three wheels and not two.

6. Electric Go-karts – The scooters are made for fun purpose by teenagers and kids.

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