Miter saw Safety features to look out for when buying

Miter saw Safety features to look out for when buying

A miter saw is a very popular and widely used tool among carpenters. Its main use is making miter cuts or cross cuts on materials when making picture frames, doors and windows frames. Miter saws are powerful tools like others in a workshop and staying safe while working is very important.

Apart from table saws, miter saws are among some of the tools that call for the operator being extra careful because they are very dangerous. You should always read the user manual and follow all the safety precautions that are required when operating.

Before you can purchase the best miter saw available on the market, it is important to understand the safety features that you should lookout. In this article, we will list and explain some of the miters saw safety features.

Safety features in a miter saw

Blade guard

Every miter saw should have a blade guard. It is one of the most common and important basic feature in all miter saws. A blade guard is used to cover the outer parts of a saw blade while it is working on lumber.

Most blade guards are capable of lifting up so that the pieces of material that are waste can fall. They can be of two type’s i.e. transparent or opaque.

Experienced woodworkers prefer transparent blades because it allows them to see what they are working on.

Safety clamps

Another important miter saw safety feature is safety clamps. They are for securing the workpiece while making lumber cuts or miter cuts because if the wood is not secured properly it can slip and this can cause an accident.

Safety clamps help the miter saw operator work without worrying about wood movements or chances of slipping. Because there is also no vibration on your workpiece, you are capable of making precise and accurate cuts.

Electric brake

Traditional miter saws did not come with electric brake however; the modern miter saws have this very important safety feature.

Someone who is concerned about his/her safety should never buy a miter saw that lacks this safety feature. Electric brake is used in stopping the blade from rotating when the safety trigger is released.

A blade in high speed takes a long time rotating before it comes to a standstill even when the saw is put off. Electric brake helps in stopping the running blade.

Lockout trigger

Lock trigger is a button that is on the miter saw handle. Before the blade can start spinning, this button must be depressed. It is perfectly in place to prevent the miter saw from being turned on accidentally, this means to start the saw first you have to turn on the power switch and then depress the lock button or trigger otherwise the saw blade won’t start spinning.

Dust extraction

One of the big drawbacks of most old miter saws is their dust management system. Continued exposer to dust particles for long comes with several health effects that affect the respiratory system.

A miter saw with good dust extraction system is perfect because it helps in preventing dust and debris from getting into your mouth, ears or eyes. Accumulation of sawdust in the miter saw can cause fire that can damage the tool.


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