How to get rid of a muffin top quickly

Who doesn’t fear muffin top? A “Muffin top” is a dreaded fat and many people face challenges while trying to eliminate the fat. The quick advice on eliminating the fat would be to focus on spot cut exercises to eradicate the excess fat. However, most research recommends that a general weight loss regimen entails plenty of cardiovascular exercises and smart diet choices as effective choices of eliminating the belly fat.

Muffin Top!

People would seek to eradicate the muffin top for a number of reasons such as lessening the risk of ailment or to fit to their clothes better. The worst part about wanting to eradicate the fat is that you can have a wrong approach and end up wasting time. As you start the journey of eliminating the muffin top, you need to know it will take continuous effort and time to achieve the desired results. Meanwhile, you can wear the best shapewear for muffin top to help you keep in good shape.

4 Tips to Eliminate Belly Fat

Start with the #1 tip and you will experience the best accomplishment as the tips are prioritized in the order of importance and the impact you will have on lessening belly fat.

  • Cut Calories

You’re trying to cut fat, so there is no way you can continue adding more calories in your body. Therefore, placing your body in a fat loss approach is the only method that will assist you to eventually lose the surplus abdominal fat and keep it off. The recommended calories intake should be about 300-500 calories below your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE).

  • Consume More Protein and Less Sugar

Protein supports the transformation of your body. The work of protein is to act as a building block of your body and it is an important element when you’re trying to change the composition of your body. It helps in muscles building and also extremely helpful when you’re trying to lose your fat. Excessive sugar ingestion plays a negative position in cholesterol health. When you lessen sugar from the diet, you will experience good body shape due to lessened cholesterol.

  • Get More Sleep

People tend to underestimate the significance of sleep when it comes to weight loss. You can read limitless studies on the significance of sleep; however, the benefit of sleep can only be credible if you experience it.  Sleep affects cravings, appetite, motivation, and mood. Make it your priority to have enough sleep and see how it affects your moods and cravings.

  • Exercise

You need to fix your workout plan. It’s important to hit the gym so as to lose the belly fat. Talk to your gym instructor on the best workout plan that can help to lessen your belly fat. Also, you can try some exercises at home to help in your fight against muffin top.

Dos and Don’ts

  1. Don’t starve yourself as not eating can slow your metabolism making it harder to lose weight
  2. Lessen stress. Having stress results to the brain releasing cortisol and adrenaline hormones. The human body stores cortisol in the pelvic area resulting it to turn into a larger and establish the “muffin top” look. Equally, a loss of sleep prompts the release of stress hormones, causing your body to retain weight in your stomach.
  3. Understand that the muffin top could be related to transformation in your body. When women are past menopause, they start to gain fat in their midsections as estrogen results to fat settling on the thighs, breast, and the stomach.
  4. Alter your exercises frequently. Don’t just perform one simple exercise as the body will get used to that, making it harder to contact all the areas of your body for weight loss.
  5. Drink a lot of water that will assist your body to flash out toxins and hasten your weight loss.


There are four main tips to lessen your muffin top such as changing your eating habits, having enough sleep, increase protein intake and lessen sugar consumption, and alter your workout plan. If you observe the following tips, your lifestyle will be changing in a healthier direction. However, you can rock on the best shapewear for dresses as you go on your day-to-day job.

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