Golf bag buying guide: What to look for in a golf bag?

Your old golf bag is on its last legs and you’re in the market looking for a new bag. You may want to know what advancement has changed since you bought your last golf bag. Probably you’re buying a new golf bag and you don’t know what you should buy. We’re here to assist you to pick that new golf bag that will serve you well.

Here are the new features to check when you’re picking the golf bag that’s right for you.

  • Walk/Ride

There are different forms of golf bags out there: cart bags, stand bags, staff bags, hybrid bags, Sunday bags, and waterproof golf bag. The different golf bags addressed diverse needs. If you’re a golfer who fancy riding on a golf cart, then you need to acquire a cart golf bag. In case you love walking on the golf course, you should buy a stand golf bag or Sunday golf bag. If you’re a pro, you should find a staff bag. Nonetheless, a beginner should not buy a staff bag as it is a bag meant for pro golfers.

  • Club Pockets and Dividers

Clubs are expensive items and they need to be protected. Golf bag manufacturers have created dividers that can help to ensure that the golf clubs are not smashing against one another. The best golf club dividers are full-length that separate multiple parts of a golf bag. The pockets in your golf bags should be adequate to help you carry most of the things that you need for your game. The best golf bags have should have specialized pockets for different things as a putter and a cooler pocket for your drinks.

  • Comfortable Strap

A top golf bag should have a comfortable strap for you to feel relaxed as you carry your bag. A comfy strap needs to be wide and well-padded creating enough room to adjust to fit your type of body. The strap should be fine-tuned so that your golf bag sits squarely on your shoulder with a slight incline to keep the clubs in the bag.

  • Price

You can find a good golf bag for about $150 – $250. There are also good golf bag under $100. Also, there are expensive golf bags such as leather golf bags that can cost you over $700. I would recommend you start with a golf bag that cost about $200 and afterwards you can advance to sophisticated golf bags.

  • Weight

There are golfers who love to walk as they carry their golf bags. They can only do that if the bag is not too heavy. The modern golf bags are created with ultra light materials that shed as much weight as they can while they retain their toughness. If you go for a lightweight golf bag, you will expect it to have less storage options. I would suggest that you go for a moderate good golf bag that is not too heavy to make you tired while you’re on your game.

  • Hooks for Stuff

The hooks are mostly assumed but they’re important if you require a clip for umbrella, If you have various tags to display such as a towel, you need to buy a golf bag with hooks.

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