How to clean pug body

How to clean pug body

Who does not love pugs? These animals are very affectionate, lovely and friendly. They make man’s best friend however they love attention and require special care because of their body structure.

Apart from routine daily meals, exercise and play time, these dogs need often coat washing, nail trimming and checking their face folds, which can trap fleas that cause skin irritation. If you own a pug, you will have extra work of taking care of them and giving them the attention they require.

In this article, we have detailed how to take care of a pug dog. Topics explored are

  • How to clean pug facial folds.
  • Brushing pugs coat.
  • Cleaning pug ears.
  • How to bathe them and
  • Trimming pug nails.

Cleaning pug facial folds

Pug facial folds should be cleaned on a weekly basis. These folds can hold food, debris, dirt, and saliva that can really smell bad.

Using cotton dipped in Luke warm water, you can run the cotton along the folds. Making sure the cotton does not touch their eyes; clean the folds around the nose, mouth, and eyes.

You should have a dry towel in your hands to make sure the folds are dry. Leaving them damp can cause skin irritation.

Brushing pugs coat

Before even you can begin brushing pug double coat, first you need to purchase the best brush for pugs. I prefer Furmitor; it is the good DE shedding tool.

Pugs do shed a lot because they have two double coats therefore, there is no way you can avoid shedding it if you own a pug. You can reduce shedding and keep their coat looking good by brushing them twice a week.

Clean pug ears

Pug ears are shaped in a way they easily trap anything: dust, debris, etc. therefore, they should be cleaned often with a special solution that is met for ears only. Using cotton, spray inside the ears with the solution and then wipe ears inside down. Make sure you do not put cotton deep inside the pug ear.

Bathing pugs

Pug should be bathed at least once every month even if they are not smelling bad or have dirty. Put Luke warm water in a basin. Make sure the water is shallow and the pug is capable of standing otherwise a lot of water can suffocate him.

Use best pug shampoo, which is specifically formulated for only dogs, otherwise, these other shampoos can cause skin irritation. Pay attention to his eyes, cover them while rinsing him off the shampoo.

Trim pug nails

Active dogs do wear their nails down however it is not the same for pugs. They have to be trimmed regularly. If you cannot trim them yourself, you can seek the help of a pet groomer. In case you choose to trim them at home, make sure you use the right nail clippers that are meant for dog use. Using other clippers can cause the dog nails to crack and split causing pain.


Cleaning pugs is important as giving them food. Pugs are delicate dogs and they need to be cleaned for them to smell and look good.

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