5 Health Benefits of Golfing

5 Health Benefits of Golfing

The game of golf has numerous health advantages. The game is physically challenging and mentally exciting. Many people may not associate golfing as a sport that is physically demanding. However, they should know that golf is an effective workout just like any other sport. Playing one round of 18-holes means that you will have walked for 7 km while you use your mental capability to hit the ball and overcome barriers. Here are 5 health benefits of Golfing:

  • Burn Calories

A golf course can cover about 100 or more acres and this means there is a lot of walking. If a golfer decides to abandon the golf cart and walk the average course, they would cover about 7 km. If you opt to carry your own golf bags with clubs, you will burn more calories. So if you’re on a weight loss mission, playing golf is a good way to do so.

  • Improve your Heart Health

Golfing is quite an exercise for your heart. The act of carrying, walking, and swinging your golf club surges your heart rate increasing the blood flow in your body. The exercise helps to reduce your risks of heart ailment and lowers levels of bad cholesterol. If you combine golfing with good lifestyle and better health, your health will greatly improve.

  • Act as Brain Stimulator

Frequent daily walking is a great tool to strengthen the brain’s memory circuits. Jogging or walking on the golf course is a great technique to keep your brain and heart healthy. Being active ensures that your brain has a strong blood supply essential for healthy future.

  • Lessen Stress

Golfing occurs in an outdoor area where people can interact with and socialize in a great way easing your stress. There is nothing that the beat the feeling of walking in fresh air when you’re stressed. Research shows that playing a round of golf helps your body to release endorphins which is a natural, mood-enhancing chemicals within your brains that makes you to relax and be happy.

  • Enhanced Sleep

Fresh air and exercise are a powerful combination for enhanced sleep. Walking while you’re carrying your golf bag offers a great workout. Exercising regularly assist you to sleep swiftly and remain in deep sleep for a long time. A deep sleep is efficient for your body as it help to redevelop cells and repair tissues and muscles.


Some people judge the book by the cover and that is why they would tell you how golf is a boring game with minimal health benefits. The health advantages of golf are far greater than most people would want to believe. Those who can attest the merits of playing golf are those who have been to the golf course and actually played the game. Apart from the health benefits, you will achieve social benefits that can result to business deals and career advancement. Consider joining a good golf club and enjoy the health benefits of playing this wonderful game.

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