How to find the best plus size shapewear for you

Over the past few years, the demand for shapewear has grown massively after people realized its benefit.  It doesn’t matter if you got a plus size body, petite, athletically built, or tall, shapewear can deliver some magic on your body. They come with diverse style to give you a silhouette shape that leaves you with hourglass figure. So, don’t worry about your plus size body, you will get a perfect shapewear for you. This article offers you insight on factors that you should check when you’re selecting the best shapewear for plus size on the market.

5 Factors to Consider when buying a plus size shapewear

  1. Understand the measurement

Most women make this mistake and I don’t want you to fall to the trap. If you want to buy a shapewear and you’re not sure of your size, buy one size larger and not a size down. Some ladies think that if they purchase shapewear a size down, it will offer more compression and make them look thinner. The fact is that a small size will create rolls and bulges where you don’t need them. Also, you will feel exceedingly uncomfortable when you wear a small sized bra.

Also, it is essential to note that shapewear sizes don’t always relate to underwear sizes. If you’re unsure about the size of the shapewear, you should check out the sizing charts of the vendors to make the right size.

2. Focus on the Target Areas of your Body

There are different types of shapewear based on the parts that you need covered. Here is a list of diverse types of target areas of your body.

  • The full body

This form of shapewear covers every part of your body. It doesn’t only cover just the waist, breath by everything worth keeping in shape. There are those best shapewear for dresses that will cover from the breast down to your knee area. There are those that come with a bra strap while other comes with an alternative of adding your own bra.

  • Camisole or the tank

This form of shapewear is made to keep your tummy, waist, and breasts in shape. Some of the models come with bra cutouts so that you can put on a bra that could offer you an exciting and attractive lift.

  • The Shorts or Briefs

Just like the name imply, this shapewear can keep your tummy and bum in shape. It means that there are no more frustrating panty lines.

  • Shaper slips or the all in one

This is a shapewear that is best to keep your tummy, waist, thigh, and bust in shape. It can come in the form of a classic skirt style or any other design.

  • Snatcher or Waist Cincher

The snatcher is best in delivering a best-shaped tummy and breast and usually comes with a hook and eye closure.

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