What is the difference between a regular shoe and a diabetic shoe?

What is the difference between a regular shoe and a diabetic shoe?

Regular shoes are not breathable and are not in any way designed for a person with foot problems. They’re shoes you’ve been wearing before you became diabetic and had no risk of developing neuropathy or any other serious foot complications.

Diabetic footwear is a shoe that is specifically designed to address foot situations that are common to individuals with diabetes. The complications can be as a result of foot ulcers, poor circulation, foot ulcers, diabetic neuropathy, and numbness. The worse part about having any of the complications is that it becomes difficult to heal and can often result into foot amputation. Diabetic shoes are designed to ensure that you don’t develop foot problem or if it has already developed, it helps to mitigate its effect.

Special Features of Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic footwear is constructed with specific features to help to curb the risk of foot problems experienced by diabetics. The best diabetic shoes include the following vital features:

  • It has protective interior made from soft material. The stitching of the shoe doesn’t protrude causing no irritation to the users.
  • The shoe has non-binding uppers that ensures no pressure on the foot. In contrast, the regular footwear usually causes pressure in back of the shoe or forefoot area as they’re made of firm material that can cause bunions.
  • The shoe has an extra depth that offers a pressure-free fit that can hold thick orthotic inserts.
  • A diabetic shoe has a deep toe box that offers additional room for toe movement and evades pressure on the toes
  • The orthopedic shoe has cushioning soles that facilitate stability and mobility, and lessen any impact on the foot.
  • The diabetic shoes have stretchable uppers that might be the perfect solution for conditions caused by neuropathy and severe diabetes. The stretchable shoes conform to the contours of the foot and assist to eradicate pressure points.
  • They got orthotic insoles that offer arch support; lessen pressure on the boot of the foot, and good cushioning of the feet.

What are the advantages of wearing a diabetic shoe?

The design for diabetic shoes offers great benefits. It provides pain relief and surges the levels of comfort. Also they can help in the following ways:

  • Improve your blood circulation. You may also need a foot massager for diabetics to help your foot relax.
  • Offers better motion management
  • Stop the creation of calluses
  • Prevents the breakdown of skin
  • Lessen the occurrence of foot challenges in high-pressure location of the foot

Why should you stop wearing regular shoes if you have diabetes?

There are regular shoes that are comfortable to wear but you should stop wearing them. The reason for this is because you should not take a risk with diabetes. Most of the diabetic foot problems can turn into severe health complications. Why then take the risk when you can prevent the complications?


Prevention is better than cure according to an old adage. It is very important that you take all the required measures that promote the health of your foot and also your overall health especially if you’re at a risk of developing complications. If you’re diabetic, it is high time that you give up on regular shoes and buy some diabetic shoes.

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